Saturday, June 07, 2008

Name Fun

One of my writing groups brought the thought of names and how they are mis-spelled and mis-pronounced. I have had the best fun laughing my way through the many responses. Of course, I didn't offer my name; if any can't pronounce or write my name, then . . . ????

I offer here some names. See how you do(and those in parentheses are what they've been called):

Helmuth (Helmooth: like a moose with a lisp) one of my favorites!
McDonough (McDonut, McDougel, McDonnahu, McDough) What?
Ruckman (Rutland, Buckman, Ragman, Rugmun)
Bates (huh? Baits or Bats?)
Roland (Rahland, Rolling ???)
Yauger (Yeager, Jeager, Yogurt) Yogurt? LOL
Ramona (Romono, Romano, Romona, Remona, Roamonia: prounounced like pneumonia
Rachelle (NOT Raychel, Rahkell, Rohshell)

Rachel (Rachael, Rachaeal, Rachelle, Racheale, Raquel
Blann (Blahn, Blair, Blain, Bloom???) LOL
Phifer Here's some good ones: (Piffer, Piffle, Fiffer)
Reitz (said she was called Ritz crackers in school. LOL)
Woodside (Woodcid, Whitset, Woodsigh)
Brandt (Brandit, obviously from a telemarker! LOL)
Nilwona (Winona, Willamena: from a HS teacher!!)

  • Here's a funny one from one of my critique partners:
  • Her maiden name: Ulinski
  • Some of her relatives names: Lijek, Milewica, Grzchowiak, Kuechenmeister. She'd get the phone book after she was first married and have her husband try to prounounce some of those names, then roll on the floor laughing hysterically while he annihilated them.

  • DeMuth (Deemewth: like a kitten mews)
  • Eudaly (her husband was asked what the U in his name stood for; they thought it was a middle initial. LOL)
  • Gribbin (Gibbons, Griffin)
  • Unger (Ungerwear) LOL
  • Lopes (Lopez)
  • Leigh (Leeah, Leh, Lay, Luh)
  • Delozier (Dozer, Dozhur, Delzer, Duh . . ., Dee . . . fading into nothingness! LOL)
  • Ruchti (Rooshti?)
  • Rubart (Rupert, Rowbart, Robert, Rupart, Rubbert)
  • McLeod (Mc Leed, Mc Lee, or Mc What'sher name. I kid you not!)
  • Hough (Hoe, Hue, Huge, Huff)
  • Vihel (Veehill, Veehell)
  • Grubaugh (Gumball Really! Grubar)
Another funny story:
A writer had a common name. When asked by a store clerk how to spell it she gave her name then added, "common spelling." The clerk asked how to spell "Commonspelling."

  • Eileen (was kidded in school: "I lean over.")
  • Camille (Camel!!!, Carmen, Carmella, CaMile, CaMell
  • Irby (Kirby)
  • Alice (prounounced A lice by her brother)
Another funny one:
Last name of Wine. Mother wanted to name daughter "Sherry" but father put his foot down. How would Sherry Wine sound?

Don't compromise yourself; you're all you've got. --Betty Ford



Sharen said...

That was good.

The guy that fixes our computer is named,RL Street. When I asked him what it stood for, he said, "Nothing, that's my name RL." All thorough life he has had to deal with that from everyone because of how his mother named him. Even this computer doesn't like how it's spelled. LOL

Caroline said...

Oh, brother, that's a good one. RL, good grief! When's vacation?

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