Friday, June 06, 2008

More on Suncrest (Sacajawea) Motel

. . . and the neighboring area.
I suppose you all have heard of the Indian girl, Sacajawea, who worked with the Lewis and Clark expedition? Here's some fun facts:

  • Lewis & Clark were seeking the Shoshoni Indians in order to obtain horses
  • The Shoshoni Indians had taken horses from the Spaniards in earlier years
  • At Fort Mandan (1804) the explorers "discovered" Sacajawea
  • She'd been captured at 11 years old and sold as a slave to an enemy tribe
  • Became the wife of a French trapper named Charbonneau
  • Lewis & Clark wanted to secure her interpretation skills & convinced Charbonneau to join their expedition team
  • When the explorers finally found the Shoshoni tribe, Sacajawea recognized her own people and the Shoshoni chief, who was her own brother
  • The local two rivers were called by the Shoshonis "Ag-gi-pah" which means "fishwater"
  • These rivers contained salmon, so the white men called the river "Salmon River"
  • The river has awesome, dangerous rapids
  • When Lewis & Clark explored it for about 70 miles, they could not return on it because of these rapids
There's a touch of your history lesson today. Don't want to overburden your minds! Enjoy and learn! Laugh. I love history!

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