Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wedding Bell Blues

Not because I'm the bride.
Or that I'm walking down the aisle.
Nope. I had to play the piano for hubby's niece's wedding Saturday.
And does that make me nervous.
Okay, I know I do . . . well, okay. (grin)
But that doesn't mean I like playing.

Started out with the phone message to please call her.
I did and she asked me.
I chose the songs, since she left the music up to me.
They included:
The Bridal Chorus (of course)
Love Story
You Needed Me
Savior, Like a Shepherd
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
A Time for Us
Whither Thou Goest
He Leadeth Me
Each for the Other
O Promise Me
Hand in Hand
W've Only Just Begun
The Rose
O Perfect Love
The Wedding March

Afterwards, everyone who talked to me commented on the "great" job I did.

Well and good.

Since most of them don't know one note from another, I suppose I'd better not get the big head.
And I'm definitely not taking out any ads in the papers or other media means for wedding music.

Got through that one.
Not sure I'd make it through another.

Now, maybe I can sing something else besides the blues (you know, moaning and groaning to any in ear distance.

Happy days are here again!

Flattery is like perfume: it is to be smelled and not swallowed.



Arlene said...

Sounds like you did a good job. Now we know who to call on. Hope you all are doing okey. We are Grandparents again. Stephanie had another girl June the 26th.She is a doll. Hope to go out there soon. have a great 4th.

Caroline said...

Wonderful! I'm so jealous: 3 grandkids. (pout, pout) We're headed to N.C., but just for a couple days, back & a few small celebrations w/family over 4th.

Have a good holiday, friend.

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