Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes and All That Stuff

We had fried green tomatoes tonight.
And canned beets put up awhile back.
And fresh red tomatoes.

The other night we had fresh green beans with just a hint of bacon lard (forget the cholesterol. Groan.)

Before that we had fresh frozen corn. Yum.
The fresh frozen peaches tasted pretty good too.

Friends gave us the green beans last Saturday. Could have what we wanted if we'd pick them. So . . . Hubby agreed to help and we "went and done it."

Whooee. Forgot what I was getting myself into.

You say Monday was Labor Day. Ha. That's a tongue-in-the-cheek holiday. We worked our tails (if we had any) off that day canning 32 quarts of beans.

Not much you say?

An all day job practically. Thankfully, hubby helped. You'd probably been reading my obituary in the papers if I'd had to do all them by myself.

I know, I know. I use to do all kinds of canning. Canned anything I could get my hands on. But . . . years and experience has taught me a few things.

It's hard work to can your own food.

But, it sure tastes good when you eat it.

Like our friends son said, "I don't like to do the work (picking the beans) but I sure like to eat them!"

I called him the little red hen's friends. Still not sure if he knew what I meant.

How difficult it is to be simple. --Vincent Van Gogh



Sharen said...

I agree it's hard work!!! That seems all we've been doing all summer, green beans and tomato soup. That is a lot for one day. We must think a like as that's what we did on Labor day, funny we had 33 quarts. LOL Plus about 15 half gallons of tomato soup. Bob helped too!! Thank the Lord for our husbands! LOL

DeeJay said...

Nobody wants to help do the work but they will help eat the food. It's the same all across the world.

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