Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Crazy Writers

Yeah, we're crazy.

  • Who else would humbly lap up critical remarks about our works-in-progress and beg for more?
  • Who else would work for hours, days, months, years . . . for mere pittance, at times?
  • Who else would spend literally hours researching to get it right?

  • Who else would research the craziest things, ignoring the strange looks from librarians and knowledgeable people we've begged information from?
  • Who else would spend their last dime to get to a conference?
  • Who else would go crazy over a dying computer?

  • Who else would have lofty feelings of superiority that "those others" aren't a writer?
  • Who else would jealously guard your backed-up, saved manuscripts above anything else. Steal everything else, lose everything else, forget about insurance for everything else, but our writing? We're talking valuable stuff here.
  • Who else would ignore the continual questions about when you're going to "get" published? After all, un-normal (uh, those who don't write. Smile) people have no idea how hard it is.

  • Who else considers all this normalness?
  • Who else waits forever to get published?
  • Who else endures rejections, critiques, failures, mind blocks, hand cramps, headaches (from concentration and eyestrain), and work, work, work?

Why, crazy writers, of course.


Persevere. Even the snail made it to the ark.


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