Friday, July 24, 2009

Bubbles and Blizzards

Ice Cream.
Totally delicious.
Good for the brain if you don't gobble and get brain-freeze.
One of the four (?) six (?), whatever, basic food groups.

Good anyway.
soft, hard, on a cone, bowl, plate, on cake, by itself.

chocolate is good,
vanilla is good.
Strawberry is good.
All three? Heaven.

So is cookies and cream.
butter pecan
strawberry cheesecake,
fudge brownie
peanut butter
cherry chip
And a whole bunch of other flavors.

Then you've got:
ice cream sandwiches
fudge bars
and all the candy bar types, hmmm!

And all that's before we even go to Dairy Queen or Michaels.
Michaels bubbles are to die for. Pure delight.

Dairy Queen's strawberry cheesecake blizzards are world shattering! Really.

Ice Cream. Food for the summer!

Well, spring, fall and winter ain't too bad either!

Persevere. Even the snails made it to the ark.


1 comment:

Roseanna M. White said...

What a cruel, cruel post! Now I really want to go to Dairy Queen and try out that strawberry cheesecake thing . . . yummmmmmm.

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