Sunday, February 08, 2015

Happiness is . . .

Sunday Morning Peace

Happiness is . . .

(According to the Thorndike dictionary):

Gladness, pleasure, contentment.

According to God's word, a man who:

1.  is corrected by God--he's happy (Job  5:17)
Why should that make anyone happy? 
How does correction encourage the feeling of happiness?

Perhaps because it tells man God loves him so much he shows him his errors. 
God wants us to go the right way, the perfect way for US. 
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2.  has a full quiver is happy. (Psalm 127:5)
What? You have to have children to be happy?
Of course not. 
But if you are so blest with children, if having children is right for you,
then raising them to be real men and women, 
enjoying them
and doing your best to encourage them in right choices--
you will have an abundance of happiness

3.  has mercy, shall be happy (Proverbs 14:21)
The merciful are generous-hearted people. 
They show mercy because they've received mercy.
An act of forgiveness and generous sharing of the mercy you have to give
always creates a feeling of happiness.
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4.  fears is happy. (Proverbs 28:14)
Come again? 
You have to fear to be happy.
In this instance fear is equated with openness and truthfulness with God.
Don't hide your errors and sins and mistakes.
Share and confess them to God.
Be afraid to not give them over to a forgiving and all-knowing God.
Then you will be happy.
5.  endures, he is happy. (James 5:11)
Don't give up!
Doesn't matter if you have trials, problems and sadness.
Don't give up!
Hold on to the fact God will be there for you.
He'll walk beside you and help you carry your problems.
Never give up!
Satisfaction, peace and happiness will be yours 
in knowing
you didn't give up.
You endured!

Go, YOU!


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