Friday, August 21, 2015


Delighted to give you a few suggestions about recent books I've enjoyed! 

Midnight on the Mississippi by Mary Ellis
I could hardly wait to get this book.

Ellis is an author that I admire, her writing is superb, and now that she's moving into some suspense, I'm delighted! This book doesn't disappoint.

The protagonist is a spunky, albeit clumsy, PI who is determined to prove her worth in detecting. Hindered from the start by her uncle with his less than satisfactory view of her and her immediate family and his refusal to let her work with him, she doesn't let that stop her. Fortunately, Hunter, the co-protagonist and accused, takes "a shine to her" and hires her to find the murderer of his partner.

Unpleasant details immerge about the partner--blackmail and indiscretions, that further the plot. The uncle proves to be dishonest, Hunter's girlfriend--not what she seems, and a whole lot more goes on in this novel. The romance develops even though Hunter and Nikki seem unsuited. The setting is delightful--New Orleans--with vivid details about the city and descriptions of the food to die-for!.

When Nikki finally finds the murderer, she not only solves the present day crime, but one that took place seventeen years prior. A delightful mystery that will keep all mystery lovers glued to their chairs! Highly recommended. Given to me by the publisher for an honest review, if desired.

* * * * * 

To Soar on Eagle's Wings by Renee Blare
Ms. Blare packed a lot of action, suspense and sweet romance into this story about Rachel, struggling with family problems and her own questions and doubt about God, besides the suspenseful problem she and Steve (her brother's one time best friend), to make this a book not easily put down. Set in the beautiful country of Wyoming, this novel coveys a message that is both powerful and vital today: trusting God.

I recommend this book for all readers. The thought, alone, of soaring on eagle's wings, is fascinating to me because what are we if we cannot trust God? And to fly high above situations and problems that would drag us down below anything less than sky-high victory with God is unsatisfactory. Provided a copy of this book for an honest opinion and review, I appreciate the opportunity of reading it!

* * * * *

Fear Not by Barbara Derksen
A christian couple determined to hold fast to their beliefs must find who murdered the man on the cruise ship. Their friend Troy is in big trouble and unless Brian Strait and Andrea Wilton can uncover the clues leading to the murderer, he's headed to prison!

A clean read, the protagonists react with unbelievers in the story with a sense of reality and strong faith. The romance is strong but within safe bounds; the suspense continues to build with intensity as the couple face serious problems including the black market and culpits who will let nothing and no one stand in their way of success. 

This is another great book from an author who knows how to write suspense. I recommend this book to any serious lovers of suspense. Well done, Ms. Derksen!

Enjoy! and super blessings! 

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