Friday, March 26, 2021

Rambling Friday: Winds Terrify Me

 I love AND hate the wind. Contradiction? Sort of.

High winds that damage, destruct and kill are frightening to me. I'd just as soon take a pass. Which, of course, we can't do. 

But the wind coming in from an ocean that cools hot bodies, soft evening winds that lure us to take a slow walk, winds that dry out much-too-soggy grounds--all of these are the "good winds" that I enjoy. 

We don't get a choice, of course. Bad comes with the good. That's life... But we can take precautions, hang on when the worst comes, say our prayers, and get through it the best we can. Recover. And celebrate that once more, we've been given another day to enjoy the soft winds in our lives. 

Embrace the soft winds--always! 

A happy windy March day to you! 

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