Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Serious Wednesday: Writing THE END

Writing "The End" has a particular pleasure for me. 
That's what I did this week, 
and it marked a successful endeavor to complete 
another book. 

What did it show to me (again)?

* That I persevered

* That I still have it in me to write books

* That my creativity still lurks somewhere deep inside me.

* That a person--me, in this instance--does not have to be defeated by life's busyness, illness, problems, or whatever.

No matter the circumstances and hindrances a person can write. You find the time. You find the inspiration. You find the grit to do this.

Why? Because you're a writer. You don't give up when you reach a plateau. Or when you don't want to write that day. You get a word or two or more down. 

Feelings are such a big part of a writer's life. You FEEL and that's what makes you a writer. You don't give up when critiques criticize when you get a bad review, when someone gives you a bad review or your feelings are hurt. You wallow for a bit, then square your shoulders, hold your head high, and begin writing. 

We study, learn and do better. That's why when I write "The End" I'm happy. I did it! I wrote yet another book. 

You can too! Don't give up.

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