Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Aftermath.

That word usually denotes something unpleasant. (But I like it, decided I'd use it anyway!) What was the aftermath of my Thanksgiving weekend?

First, too much turkey left over. Mom, two sons, girlfriend, friend, hubby and myself were there. Hubby and I are at the age (ooops, I meant to say, life!) where we don't eat a lot of leftovers. Not to say we absolutely don't like them, we just don't fix enough to warrant a lot of leftovers. Family meals, I send leftovers home with whoever. Leaves more openness for us to eat less.

Second. Ah, too much time at home to enjoy. Meaning: makes it harder to get back into the grind of things. Errands to run, with the time to do them. Some decorating done because I wasn't too tired to do it.

Third. Little writing done. I was busy. That's my only excuse. We left early Saturday for PA, returned home in the afternoon, but too tired to do anything but rest. Of course, I did work on it some Thursday evening and Monday evening, but what's a few thousand words?

Fourth. Depression. Yeah, right. I-think-I heard-it-right-statistic: turkey meat has enzymes in it that causes mild depression. Anyone else ever hear that? I had heard it before somewhere, but forgot about that tidbit of information. But I suffered mild depression after everyone left Thursday and again on Friday after eating (gobbling) some leftover turkey. So using me for an example: that statistic could be right.

But then again, you might not wish to use me, I suffer from mild depression quite often. So my reactions to life in general on those few days of a year may not give you an unbiased opinion of the turkey-meat-statistics.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. Enjoyed my family time together. Enjoyed the short trip out of state with hubby. Ate at a nice restaurant, spent some quiet time in the evening together & a good time listening to a tape coming home. We were able to speak to several people about our home-based business--always a plus!

Enough rambling from me . . .

Did any of you see Stevan Manley's recent paper with the cartoon of a turkey holding a sign up to passers-by? The sign said, "Fast for Thanksgiving." Cute!

I thought these were some tips for the holidays
. I know many of us have an abundance of food available. Parties, get-togethers, dinners, etc. etc. So . . . we're bound to put on a few pounds--maybe.

Try these at home:
* Keep it the same. don't put too many varieties of the same kind of food (five different kinds of cheeses or three different breads). You'll be tempted to eat more than if you faced fewer choices.

* Downsize. Store food in small serving-sized containers, since they provide convenient stopping points. Never eat directly out of a large package (chips, etc.)

* Play hard to get. Put the most tempting food high up in the cupboard, at the back of the fridge, or in another inconvenient spot.

* Move on. When you eat out, go elsewhere for after-dinner coffee so you're less tempted to order dessert.

* Be a copycat. Look around. Who's eating the least? Who has the healthiest food on her plate? Model your eating habits on hers.

Time is a very precious gift of God; so precious that it's only given to us moment by moment. --Amelia Barr


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