Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Michael and Mary

Michael stands for:
M -- Manly. He stood up like a man when needed.
I -- Interesting. He was young and energetic and unique.
C -- Courageous. He fought for our country and fought for his loved ones.
H -- Helpful. Michael went out of his way to help those in need.
A -- Ambitious. He had some good plans for his future.
E -- Example. His manners and respectfulness, any young person could follow.
L -- Loving. He seldom failed to leave anyone without giving them a hug.

Thank you, God, for giving us this beautiful young person for 21 short years. Yes, we wanted him longer. We wanted to see his success in carrying out his future plans. We wanted to see him develop into a mature adult. We wanted so much for him. But we saw his thoughtfulness, his helpfulness, his love and concern for his family and friends, his courage, his dreams.

We'll always remember you, Michael. You'll always have a place in each one of our hearts. You were special and, we know, loved by the one who created you.

Michael, the bouquet I'd make up for you would include: Some Forget-Me-Nots because we'll never forget you; some red rosebuds to remind us of your respectfulness, our love for you and you for us, and your courage and youth; some Heather to show how protective you always were; and maybe a few blue camellia to remind you that you'll always be a burning flame of memory in our hearts.

Mary stands for:
M -- Magnolia. The beautiful classy flower of our family.
A -- Angel. You were an angel on earth.
R -- Radiant. Happy with your family and achievements.
Y -- Yourself. No pretense. What we saw is what you were. Real.

God gave us a real miracle when he sent you to your parents. Loving and sweet and caring and helpful, concerned about your family and friends, studious. We wanted you to mature, achieve your B.A., marry, and have the babies you wanted. Mary, you were real and one of a kind. There's a special corner in each of our hearts that will only be filled because we can cling to the memories of you and the 21 years we shared with you.

You were a blessing sent from Heaven above, a huggable reminder of God's unfailing love.

Mary, if I were making a bouquet up for you, I'd use the white Magnolia showing us that you were noble and dignitified; a single red rosebud for simplicity, youth, and to show our love for you; some statice to always remember you, a few Lily-of-the-Valleys to remind us of your sweetness; and a touch or two of Forget-Me-Nots to remind you that you'll always be in our heart.

Valentine's Day is in February. To be happy is to share our love. Here are some old-fashioned ideas to make you and yours happy.

Give a hug.
Smile lots today.
Send a card to someone hurting.
Tell your special someone you love them.
Tell anyone to have a good day.
Tell someone you're praying for them.
Buy something little for someone.
Write a note.
Write a poem.
Pray for those you love and those you don't know.

I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life. He gave me life that I might enjoy all things.

Blessings. Till next week . . .

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