Monday, February 05, 2007

You, Me, and the Man Down the Road

Why do things happen in life? Why do we have heartache and hurt and worry?

Now this isn't a theological discussion. I don't know all the answers; I'm rambling.

I don't want it to be me or mine. I don't want to suffer, to see my loved ones hurt, my friends aching.

Why did my niece have to die Friday? Why did my nephew have to die Saturday? Why?

One person said, why couldn't it have been one of the others? I said, but which one? Who wants to pick out which one? Who wants to take that decision upon themself to make? Okay, today you're gone. Tomorrow, I pick YOU. No. Not me. I couldn't pick any of my nieces or nephews. Not my sons or anyone. It's too big, too horrible to face.

Living or dying is hard enough without making decisions that we have no right to make. I don't want the heartache. I'm selfish, I want easy sailing, I want good choices made, happy endings.

But life isn't like that. Sometimes bad choices are made. Wrong actions are done. Stupid words are said. Hearts are cracked. We suffer because of all those things and more. We've got to go on. Got to keep on living and making it one step at a time. Only knowing we have someone stronger than humanity to strengthen us, is what holds us up and steady.


1) I'll probably only be able to blog twice this week: today & tomorrow because of niece & nephews tragic deaths and funerals.

2) Tomorrow I'll be paying tribute to Mary and Michael on my blog.

Got too many magazines and books lying around unused? Here are some suggestions that will put them to good use!

Take to the half-price bookstore and trade for books you want.
Donate to a library.
Sell college books to other students.
Make envelopes with magazine pictures.
Use the pretty pages from magazines to wrap small gifts.
Make collages or do decoupage with them.
Sell them and donate the money to church.

Friendship is holding hands and sticking together. "There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." Proverbs



Joyce said...

Me here again...
OHHH ! It's horrible to hear of this double tragedy !! Now your nephew passing away too?!! We are sooo sorry !! Praying that God will CARRY you through these terrible times of sorrow ! I can't be there right now, but I hope you can feel my hugs and know that we send our deepest sympathy.
All of us and the Church are praying.

We send our love,
Joyce W.

sharen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the double loss!! What can I say? I know how it hurts and nothing can take it a way. Only thing we can do is pray for you and the family and we have been doing it, along with our church. We love you all!!

Caroline said...

Thank you, my friends, we're all so horribly devastated. Hubby has both funerals so lift him up and the family. Thanks for your concern, hugs and prayers. I love you back.

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