Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Want an Elephant Hat!

No wonder I get brain freezes! I don't have an elephant hat. Yeah, you heard me right. I just found out this morning that a writing bud uses her elephant hat (ordered from a friend in Sri Lanka) and her writing fl-o-w-s when she wears it. So . . . obvious conclusion: I need a writing hat desperately to stop these brain freezes that I've been having.

Seriously, elephants have fascinated me for years. Those big lumbering animals are something quite out of the ordinary, wouldn't you say? Skinny tail, long, long nose, big teeth (tusks) trunk-like legs, beady eyes, flapping, fan-like ears.

Strong and smart, they've been tamed (after a fashion) for use in riding (see foreign countries--both dignitaries and the poor have used them for transportation), working (pulling loads, dislodging trees), war, and acting (circuses and entertainment places).

Comics and cartoons have rendered the elephant as a dear, funny, big-eared creature. Many children's books (Babar, Dumbo, Horton, The Elephant Child) have been written about elephants.

It's said they have a far better memory than any in the animal kingdom, even humans. Their temporal lobe (used for processing audio information such as hearing and language) is greater than for the dolphins. They have a capacity for showing emotions such as grief (cover their dead with branches), art, play, use of tools, compassion and self awareness. This shows an evidence of intelligence only rivaled by dolphins and primates. They laugh, cry, feel moody and protective over their young, remember another elephant they haven't seen for years, are jealous and have fits of rage.

Enough? Let me give you a few interesting facts about them:

They can produce sub-sonic rumbling sounds that other elephants can feel through their feet.
Mother elephants carry their babies for around 22 months.

At birth, babies weigh around 200 - 250 lbs. Whoo!
Babies have several "Allomothers" (babysitters) who help care and rear the baby.

Elephants eat vegetation and digest only 40% of what they eat.
At full speed running, an elephant can reach 24 mph.

An elephant uses it's trunk for social uses such as caressing during courtship, greeting by entwining, play wrestling. They use a raised trunk as a warning or threat while a lowered one can show submission. They flail their trunks at unwanted intruders and rely on them for their highly developed sense of smell, pivoting them like a periscope to determine locations.

They love water. Hmmm. Now that should tell us something: They're smart and love water.

Interesting, huh? No wonder I've always wanted one. Preferrably a pink one -- grin! (and it doesn't have anything to do with alcohol!).

Here's a fun idea! Create a Culinary Scrapbook.
Don't be real formal with this. Handwrite. Include:

Scriptures. Anything that comes to you while cooking.
Quotes from the radio, friends, or a book you read while waiting on that casserole to cook,
precious things children say, advice from grandmother.

Handwritten notes, letters, recipes. What a treasure!
Absolutely favorite recipes and recipes handed down for generations.
Menus you love, grocery lists frequently used,
special meals prepared for company and their comments

Maybe a directory of stores you're especially fond of.
What about photos? Families and friends, your kitchen, food preparation.
Labels. This is such fun! Homemade ones from gifts. special food ones.
Your kids favorite dessert ones.

Maybe a rundown on each family member's love of food. Example: My husband loves sweet potatoes so much that even though he is allergic to them, he still devours them . . . I love coffee, but drink too much, so I'm going to bring my teacups out to decrease the amount . . . my son loves the chicken tenders hubby fixes with his own special blend of honey mustard
. . . you get the idea?

A list & maybe a sealed sample of herbs we love best and how we use them.
Plant them? Process them?

Essential Oils and other homemade remedies that are
prepared in your kitchen.

Use your creative mind. What do you love and cherish?
Purchase a cheap 3-ring notebook, add your own special decorations
and begin on that scrapbook that will be one
more precious memory in someone's life.

Look for the new interview I'll feature on Friday's blog with writer Deb Vogt. I'm sure you'll be interested in reading her take on writing!

Everything in life is most fundamentally a gift. And you receive it best and you live it best, by holding it with very open hands. --Leo O'Donovan



sharen said...

Wow, maybe I should raise and Breed elephants!!!!

I think I alot a people are just to busy to read. But I got a few reading your blog. Shirley is one of them when she can go to the Library. I think they are interesting.

Caroline said...

Give me a C; give me a A; give me a R . . . you're a great cheerleader! Thks for the encouraging words!

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