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I Married an Idiot by Elaine W. Miller

Wow. What a wonderful, heart-touching devotional book.

I loved the title the first time I heard it. And now that I’ve read the book, I can’t say enough good about it. The ten valid reasons men and women can change about his/her marriage are thought-provoking. Every chapter was easy to read, understand and practical and was priceless with down-to-earth illustrations, some funny and many sad, but all real in today’s world. Every meditation was filled with appropriate scripture. Every reflection was icing on the chapter cakes, the added touch to bring home the truth. Each prayer rich with pleadings a sincere heart can pour out to God. And the suggestions in the Change sections? Brings to mind the words: Go forth and be fruitful. Powerful acts that can and will create results.

I highly recommend this book for ALL marriages. It’s never to late to fall in love again. It’s never too early to determine to keep that love preeminent in a new marriage. By all means buy this book. By all means share with your family and friends.

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The Cuban Christian Writer: Redemption, Encouragement, and Restoration Stories
by Roberto Ornan Roche

This is a book of heart-touching stories and devotional-type writings filled with truth and love and scriptural behaviors for which every Christian should strive.

Some of my favorites include:

Sand in My Eyes: admonished us to live a godly life. Don’t ignore the warnings about free thinking and living without regard, a careless and self-centered existence. The end comes too quickly and afterwards we must meet a loving God who is also a just one.

The Friendship’s Secret: A joke conceived by one man upon his best friend is carried throughout a life time. In the end of these two lives who was the winner? A truly wonderful story with a well, thought out ending.

The Last Sheep: What a marvelous encouragement to all Christians who yearn for a loved one and/or family member who has not yet returned to Christ! My heart was touched to not give up hope, but continue with words of gentleness and hope to those yet lost for is not Christ’s longing for that one much greater than our own?

I believe you’ll enjoy this lovely little book from our Cuban brother. Catch a copy of it on Amazon.

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Casa de Naomi
by Paula Rose Michealson

A lovely romance! Casa de Naomi is about a young Jewish teenager fleeing from a persecuted Spain. Growing up and committed to her work, she consciously hides her real roots as a Jew until one week after her marriage she is discovered! Seeing the horror in Chaz's, her husband, eyes and hearing the accusations from her new family, Naomi escapes all the hate when a young man--a friend, Alex--takes her to his own group of friends and family. There, Naomi is shown love and kindness and acceptance and eventually turns to Christ as a Savior.

But will her husband change his attitude toward her and come to Christ too? Can a once-upon-a-time-forever love be regained between a couple who hid so much from each other?

You’ll want to check out this romance to find what happens to Naomi and Chaz by going to Amazon as soon as you can. Paula has given us a unique glimpse into the life of the Jewish woman hungering for something real.

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Blessings for your reading day!


Elaine Miller said...

Thank you for the great review of We All Married Idiots. You blessed me, dear Carole. What an encourager! May God use your words to help marriages thrive.

Elaine W. Miller

Caroline said...

It's a pleasure!

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