Wednesday, February 01, 2017

A New Month: What's in Store?

That's a good question to ask myself: 
What's in store for February?

Of course, I don't know for certain,
but I can predict (rightly or wrongly),
I can plan,
make another list,
to accomplish.

* It's Valentine's Month, the love month, so...
I'm looking forward to taking and spending a bit of special time with
the love of my life.

* I'm planning to near the finish line writing my second WWII novel,
A Flute in the Willows

* Planning to enjoy two birthdays this month,
Son #1's and hubby's. 

* Want to draw closer to God, stay loyal and faithful.

Do you have any special plans for February?



Marilyn R. said...

Plans for February includes reading God's Word, books and assisting family members and others who are in need. God bless.

Caroline said...

Good ones, Marilyn!

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